Garbhan Mc Caffrey

Negative Float Valve
oil storage tanks often run out of oil causing oil central heating boilers to air lock - my solution is a negative float activated mechanical valve - can be retro fitted to any liquid storage tank.

Thermal Blinds
heat loss through glazed areas is a real problem - my solution is a multi foil radiation barrier on an integrated lintel system.

Thermally partitioned hotwater storage tank
Thermal partitioning allows hotwater to stay hot for longer within thermal tank

U Bend flush valve
U bends get stuffed many times in their life time - valve is fitted at 45degrees to bend - pressurised input taken from 'T' in cold supply, when u bend needs flushing, push valve can be operated to flush bend

nasal humidifier
Air plane flights - dry nasal passage can be very uncomfortable, nasal humidifier provides moisture

Rodding eye replacement
jet connection valves at rodding eye locations