Problem Solver

Gayathra Amodh

Areas Gayathra Amodh is Knowledgeable in:

fire protection and detection
Extra low voltage projects
building support technologies
mechanical machines
auto mobiles

Techniques Gayathra Amodh Uses:

recognize the problem > collecting Data > finding the principles and background theory >
figure out two or three solutions > testing and results > choosing the best solution > making prototype > Testing, Developing, and presenting

Gayathra Amodh's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. building a idea, prototype, product, and needed tools for the process
  2. innovative
  3. team player

Gayathra Amodh's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a machine for processing fast foods.
  2. I developed a pipe fitting for high pressure pipe line for length variation.
  3. I developed a renewable energy process (concept) using sea wave energy.
  4. I developed a drill with multi attachments.
  5. I developed a fire cabinet with self protection system.