Problem Solver

George Linicomn

Areas George Linicomn is Knowledgeable in:

Internet Connectivity

Techniques George Linicomn Uses:

Systems thinking

George Linicomn's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Platforms
  2. Networking

George Linicomn's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. WeAppan is a decentralized application concept that enables connections between a user's wants or offerings with others looking for that information in real-time (Data Matching), as a result of our users sharing  their data, WeAppan will manage and market the user's secured information so that they make an Income from this data usage (UDI-Universal Data Income) with their consent. This platform is called Infomediary, or Mid- Mediator of individual data. Our mission is to optimize each user's life purpose to its fullest, in order to optimize the global community and planet to co-create empowerment together.