George Shutrump

George Shutrump
Doctoral degree in education.
Research (Florida Atlantic University)
EDF 6481 Educational Research Methods
EDF 6905 Advanced Educational Research
EDA 7912 Advanced Research
STA 6113 Statistical Methods in Education
PAD 6701 Statistics for Public Administration
EDF 6995 Advanced SPSS

Instructional Technology (Florida Atlantic University)
EDF 6905 Computer Technology Study
EME 6606 Instructional Program Development
EDA 5931 Administrative Application of Technology

Adult Education (Florida Atlantic University)
ADE 6381 Creative Adult Learning
ADE 6930 Adult Education Seminar
ADE 6194 Aging Consideration & Prognosis
EDS 6160 Personal Development in Education

School Administration (Florida Atlantic University)
EDS 6100 Leadership
PAD 6035 Seminar Administrative Policymaking
PAD 6417 Seminar Public Personal Administration
EDA 7930 Seminar in School Administration

Guidance & Counseling (Youngstown State University)
Guid 961 Foundation of Guidance
Guid 1011 Counseling Lab
Guid 962 Counseling
Guid 972 Vocational Guidance
Guid 1017 Group Counseling
Guid 964 Measurement & Evaluation Techniques
Psych 903 Psychology of Learning
Psych 906 Human Growth Development