Problem Solver

George Sionetuato

George Sionetuato

Areas George Sionetuato is Knowledgeable in:

conflict resolution, community development, policy development, politics and government and the Christian Gospel.

Techniques George Sionetuato Uses:

In general during my time in engaging with other member countries and governments of the Pacific Island Forum. I advise in community developments in developing their development plans. As a general rule of thump. It is working with the community to help define what their understanding is on what their needs are and how that to be resolved. A methodology of appreciative inquiry is approach is used. The community is led in discovery, dream,design and deliver framework. The intended outcome is to produce a working plan where the community and stakeholders can work together to achieve its goals.

George Sionetuato's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Policy, Conflict Resolution, Organizational development, Religious instruction, Pastoral Care

George Sionetuato's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am a former senior public servant and advisor to the Cabinet of the Government of Niue. My role is adhoc advisor in areas where Government is required to engage in non departmental procedures. A clear example of this is during the military coup in Fiji where as part of the regional member we needed to engage but not alienate Fiji and other members of the Forum whilst not antagonizing other external partners and stakeholders. Since we are the incoming Chair of the Pacific Island Forum, much care and diplomacy is needed to manage the whole situation.