Problem Solver

Gerrit Van Deventer

Areas Gerrit Van Deventer is Knowledgeable in:

Angels vs Demons
Spirits vs Souls
Religion vs History
Science vs Spirituality
Astrology vs Astronomy
Health and Nutrition
Solutions to unhealthy online distractions.
Unconventional ways to solve problems and attempt to make "this" world a better place...

Techniques Gerrit Van Deventer Uses:

Hard work ethic
Attention to detail
Ability to see the bigger picture

Gerrit Van Deventer's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Image Optimisation

Gerrit Van Deventer's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Shoplifting. Particularly stores that sell clothes...
    Simply weight the customer before entering the dressing room through and automated turnstile / scale / alarm system. Then if there is any discrepancy's (in weight before and after the customer tried on the merchandise) then the exit turnstile would lock, a silent alarm could go off while the store security could be informed.
    then again when they leave,
  2. How to stop china from taking over the world ?
    1: Stop buying their devices. Anything that says "made in China" should be destroyed and replaced by something made in your community, if not then find out how big the market is, do some research and perhaps be that person that makes and sell that, for yourself, your neighbour and probably the rest of the world, if that thing solves a problem worth solving.
    2: "The World" must vote for the top 10 commandments when it comes to the upcoming robot revolution. 10 Things that artificial human like robots should and should not do (or be able to to)
    I wrote an entire article on the subject, called "ET AI - The Upcoming Robot Apocalypse" - What comes after the Singularity ?
  3. How to disrupt the music industry / kill I-Tunes ?
    Make creating a block-chain based music platform where the digital signature of the song becomes the hash-code.
    Then creators can give away their songs to their fans, encourage them to share, by accepting a profit sharing agreement with the fans (that would not only then have the right to own a portion of the digital content, but also have a business opportunity / ability to earn an income by sharing content to friends, family influencers, trend setters etc...
    This way everyone that matters (the content creators and their consumers) benefit and enjoy the fruits of their labor.