Problem Solver

Gertrude Anyango Wafula

Areas Gertrude Anyango Wafula is Knowledgeable in:

health and social care, health education, public health, nutrition, HIV, gender studies, reproductive health, migrant health, health interventions, and food security and international health.
Designing quality studies, data and statistical analysis as well as proposal, bids and grant writing and preparation.

Techniques Gertrude Anyango Wafula Uses:

having recognized the problem, I identify why it is a problem, generate various solutions, look at alternative solutions, review the cost effective and best outcome solution and implement. reviewing the results of the solution helps in getting a general overview and evaluation of the results/response to the problem.

Gertrude Anyango Wafula's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I develop community intervention to promote good health and prevention of diseases
    I develop training tools and curriculum for health care providers in the field of sexual and reproductive health, nutrition and gender issues.
    I train health care professional to be able to deliver prevention and care services in the mentioned fields.
    I develop individual, group and community based interventions to improve health outcomes
    I develop and design studies to respond to the needs assessments and gaps in services in health in community.