Problem Solver

Ghouse Syed

Ghouse Syed

Areas Ghouse Syed is Knowledgeable in:

I do not consider myself as a specialist, but a generalist. Can work on most of the technology based issues, mainly at the conceptual level and take it from there, till implementation, by working with a team of specialists.

Techniques Ghouse Syed Uses:

Visualisation, analatical thinking, conceptualisation.

Ghouse Syed's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Creativity and Problem solving, involving mechanical / electro mechanical systems.

Ghouse Syed's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 5. Projection Welding for Ni-Cad batteries.
    Nickle Cadmium Battery plated were being “Bolted” on the “Strap” and the “Post” welded. These methods precluded high Discharge rates. A whole segment of the product could not be productionised.
    “Projection Welding” was introduced in the process, both, for the Post to Strap and Plated to the Strap welding. Jigs and fixtures required for the production process were designed and developed. The improved process enabled introduction of a new product line.
  2. 6. Sintered Plate Scrubbing Machine.
    Design, development and introduction of a machine for scrubbing plates of sintered plate batteries.
  3. 4 “Automated Curing Chamber”, Monoblack batteries.
    Battery plates are ‘cured’, under controlled temperature and humidity profile, for prolonged periods. The process was being controlled manually.
    A machine was designed to automate the process.
  4. 3. “Nano” CoS System.
    Approximately 400 kg of lead was being melted in a pot, for “battery plates “Cast on the “Strap” operation. The heat / power loss was very high.
    A “Nano” melting pot, (a small, small, squares steel tube) to melt lead ingots, was designed and developed. Heaters were individually switched ON/OFF depending on the rate of molten lead discharge. The power consumption and heat loss was drastically minimised.
  5. 2. Rotary Cutter.
    The lead strip, after pasting of active material on it, was being cut into exact lengths for making battery plates, by a guillotine cutter. It was a start - stop operation, slow and inefficient.
    A rotary cutter was designed and developed by me that enabled cutting of the plates, without stopping the flow. It could be adjusted to any pitch, by means of an optical sensors and a simple microprocessor activated a stepper motor, to run the cutter at the exact timing, cut the strip and stop again. The cycle was repeated for each cut.
  6. Some of the other SPMs designed and developed by me, for Mono-block Battery manufacturing, were:
    1. Full Frame Punching machine
    A reciprocating punching machine punched rectangular holes, a rows at a time, on a thin, continuous, lead sheet, passing through a punching tool. The process was slow and inefficient.
    A punching tool that enabled punching a whole (monoblack) battery plate at a time, while blanking it as well. The size and power of the punching machine was also reduced its throughput / efficiency increased substantially. (A tapered punch did the trick).
  7. 4. Free Floating Castors (2 patents, both granted patents in the US. (Abandoned) (’78-‘79).
  8. 2. Invented and patented "An Improved Free Floating Wave Energy Converter (IFFWEC) / Free Floating Wave Energy Converter with Control Devices. (Issued: Australia AU2012288425 (A1), Canada CA2844023 (A1), China CN103814211 (A), Europe EP2734728 (A2) , India, Japan JP2014521017 (A) , South Africa ZA201401366 (B), USAUS9771921 (B2)
  9. 3. Invented and patented the “FFWEC Having Variable Buoyancy Flexible Pipe and Enhanced Capture Width”. (Patents granted: Canada CA2954955 (A1), China CN107076104 (A), Denmark DK3194761 (T3), Spain EP3194761 (A1), Japan JP2017524869 (A), France, Europe EP3194761 (A1), Spain ES2719731 (T3), India, South Africa and USA US2017159636 (A1)
  10. Some of the significant systems conceptualised / designed / developed / patented by me, are listed below;
    I. Invented and patented the "Free Floating Wave Energy Converter" (FFWEC): patents Issued –1# countries (Abandoned):
    US2011006531 (A1), BRPI0614487 (A2) , CA2617208 (A1) , EP1915528 (A1), ES2389361 (T3), JP2009503362 (A), NDIA, JP2009503362 (A), NO20081115 (L), NZ566247 (A), US2008229745 (A1) .