Problem Solver

Giuseppe Currò

Areas Giuseppe Currò is Knowledgeable in:

Development of nanostructured materials for industrial applications. Physico-chemical characterization at the micro- and nano- scales.
Nanomaterials for chemiresistive sensors, nanocatalysts, nanomaterials for thin-film Photovoltaics (II and III generation), nanocomposites, nanostructures for medical devices (diagnostics, therapeutics), hard and bio-active thin films (DLC-like)

Giuseppe Currò's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. micro- and nano-electronics technology
  2. nanostructured materials research & development
  3. high reliability of devices and materials
  4. radiation hardening of electronic devices and materials
  5. nanomaterials processing and fabrication
  6. Surface Science
  7. failure analysis of microelectronic devices and related materials
  8. Physico-chemical diagnostics of materials and surfaces
  9. Electronic and Optical Spectroscopies
  10. nanostructured materials synthesis via Laser Ablation in gases and in liquids

Giuseppe Currò's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Radiation hardened solutions for microelectronic devices for Aerospace applications. My role has been the technology and design developer, leader of a large project and co-ordinator of all related actions. I provided the physical modelling of the ionizing radiation vs device materials interactions, the materials and structure solutions to face Single Event and Total Dose degradation mechanisms in compliance with performances required to the power componets.
  2. Co-ordinator of R&D activities for the development of innovative nanoparticle colloids and the industrializable process to produce them, based on the novel and strongly promising Laser Ablation in Liquids technique
  3. Inventor of ultrathin corrosion-protection solutions for metallization adopted in microelectronic devices. Process development and process integration in industrial flows. I provided the R&D work needed to asses the industrial results, the analytical work and the chemical synthesis required.