Problem Solver

Godwin Onyebuchukwu

Godwin Onyebuchukwu

Areas Godwin Onyebuchukwu is Knowledgeable in:

Pure Mathematics

Techniques Godwin Onyebuchukwu Uses:

Critical thinking
Problem solving

Godwin Onyebuchukwu's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Number theory

Godwin Onyebuchukwu's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am Onyebuchukwu Godwin; a mathematics graduate and an experienced mathematics/hard mathematics tutor. I have taught Mathematics at both the ordinary and advanced level for a mouthwatering period of 14 years and I am conversant with every concept that pertains the field of Mathematics. I am a mathematics researcher/ gmat, gre tutor at Tractrain consulting in Lagos, Nigeria and a master's degree holder from the university of Lagos. I would like to give in my all to ensure people with little knowledge of the field get to love the field.