Problem Solver

Gonzalo Vargas

my name is Gonzalo Vargas, my hobby is the mechanical design solutions for different types of problems, I love flying my radio controlled helicopter, designed and built by me.
other hobby is electric vehicles, have bicycles, motorcycles and all types of electric vehicles.
I'm working on the design of a vertical axis wind generator.
work in a rescue robot to disaster areas as a mole.
and much more.

Areas Gonzalo Vargas is Knowledgeable in:

energy, mechanics design, prothotyping.

Techniques Gonzalo Vargas Uses:

design, prothotipe construcction, R&D, computer simulation, others.

Gonzalo Vargas's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. mechanics design

Gonzalo Vargas's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. design and working in the construction of a robotic arm for the smelter unary, for the inverstion center of nuclear energy, dependent on the Chilean Commission of Nuclear Energy.
    structural design, fon many machines and machinary.