Problem Solver

Goodnews Israel Oshiogbele

Goodnews Israel Oshiogbele

Areas Goodnews Israel Oshiogbele is Knowledgeable in:

* Detail-oriented business support specialist with more than 3 years of experience in business administration and operations, programme management, marketing communication and research. Worked excellently with diverse teams at small and medium-sized enterprises before proceeding on a full scholarship to study on a Master's programme in Population and Development.

* Critical thinker and detail-oriented innovator with multimedia skills and 5+ years of experience in content writing, media editing and proofreading, online marketing and research. Proficient in writing in English (IELTS band 7.5) and in the use of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Nero Suite and Pinnacle Studio for brand advertising on social media channels like Facebook and YouTube.

Goodnews Israel Oshiogbele's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I created synergy between all domestic staff through the implementation of a research driven strategy for interpersonal relations and team-building while supervising them daily
  2. I introduced a system of daily and up-to-date book-keeping for transparency and accountability in all administrative and operational transactions. This helped to save monthly operating cost by an average of 35%.
  3. I reduced the cost of managing and maintaining inventory and fixed assets by about 20% through the introduction and implementation of research and technologically driven methods of office and apartment management
  4. I developed and implemented research-driven strategies for on/offline marketing campaigns