Goran Nikolasevic

Goran Nikolasevic

Comprehensive school: Osijek
High school: Mathematic gymnasium (mathematic/IT), Osijek
High school for air traffic (air traffic technician), Zagreb
Faculty: Faculty of economics Osijek (not graduated)
Pedagogical faculty Osijek (not graduated)

Foreign languages: English (spoken and written expression),
German, Swedish and Italian (basic understanding, passive knowledge)

Vehicle: B category driver's license since 1982.


Completed specializations and seminars:

- seminar in Croatian Chamber of Commerce Zagreb: making business with Japan
- seminar in Croatian Chamber of Commerce Zagreb: making business with Sweden
- Center for enterpreneurship in Osijek: ISO standards

- Center for enterpreneurship in Osijek: seminar „Finance resources in enterpreneurship“ – venture capital and business angels

- Postgraduate study „Entrepreneurship” on Faculty of Economics in Osijek: seminar Enterpreneurship in corporations ( Željko Čović, Pliva d.d.)

- Center for enterpreneurship in Osijek (supported by: Durham Business School, Curtin Business School, European Training Foundation, Open Society Institute New York, Postgraduate studies of enterpreneurship on Faculty Economy in Osijek): one-year education course for high management in small and medium companies (enterpreneurship, marketing, HR, PR, finance, risks and crisis management, leadership)

- Dresdner Sprengschule, Dresden, Germany: pyrotechnician – fireworks designer

- Croatia control (Croatian air-traffic control) Ltd. , FER Zagreb, ATC training center in London, UK: 15 seminars regarding air-traffic law and rules, telecommunication and IT systems, state exam RH

- Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d.: banking certificate
- IBM Slovenija/Hrvatska training center: programmer for IBM AS400 system, certificate
- Yugoslav Airlines: domestic booking exam