Problem Solver

Graeme Shorten

Graeme Shorten

Areas Graeme Shorten is Knowledgeable in:

Military and law enforcement small arms technology, less than lethal solutions, vehicle preparation and equipment solutions but I am multi skilled and able to contribute on programs and concepts in many fields.

Techniques Graeme Shorten Uses:

I am a creative and forward thinker who is a quick study and locates potential flaws and areas of caution within the design process making prototyping cheaper and closer to the finished product. I have a visual design process where I can render complicated 3D designs and visualise them in exploded and various forms totally within my mind, translating these to paper and CAD systems.

Graeme Shorten's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Vehicle Mechanics
  2. Recovery & Rescue Equipment
  3. Firearm & Lethal Solutions
  4. Less Than Lethal Solutions & Crowd Control Devices
  5. Anti Piracy & Shipping Aids
  6. Information Communication Technology
  7. Expedition & Off Road Equipment
  8. Drone & UAV
  9. Cold Weather & Harsh Condition Preparation
  10. Military Hardware
  11. Bespoke Vehicle Storage Solutions
  12. Emergency Vehicle Preparation
  13. Vehicle Borne Safety & Counter Measure Systems
  14. Gunsmith
  15. Engineering & Fabrication

Graeme Shorten's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have designed a portfolio of lethal and non lethal solutions that were considered for deployment by the LAPD and the US Marshal Service.
  2. I have designed crowd control devices for possible deployment with UK Police forces which are low risk and totally non life threatening.
  3. I designed and installed vehicle solutions to prepare a vehicle for long distance harsh weather travel to the arctic region.
  4. I designed a road towable vehicle driven crane for load handling in rough terrain
  5. I have designed a range of firearms for the concealed carry and undercover law enforcement markets.
  6. I have designed a rescue pod system greatly enhancing the versatility of small vehicle appliances for rescue, emt and fire fighting services.