Problem Solver

Graham Thomas

Graham Thomas
Although I like every one like money I am here to help It will depend how complex the solution is to explain and how much profit it generates from the solution that will help me decide how much the charge is I do love solving problems though although never guarantee a solution More than likely if theproblems is within the fields of expertise I have gained over my long life usually I am able to gain insight to some part of or all of a solution I am frank and very honest

Areas Graham Thomas is Knowledgeable in:

Human evolutionary psychology capitalism economical move ment labour force efficiency sciatica pain I have suffered with it for forty years I think I understand it and how to treat it now I have got better through my own insights
I can help students by explaining how to increase their capacity to study and help get passed exams I can offer all language colleges the very latest and most simple to deliver mathematical system for language acquisition

Techniques Graham Thomas Uses:

I apply the formula of always taking things back to ! or one principle and always always solve the problem if it is economical and human etc without money so to find the most effecient way of human creating capital I have written an unusual manuscript on Evolution from the perspective of how sexual abuise of women affects male psychology and can explain the GFC through this idea or the degree of abuse relative to psychology and culture. This I will have translated into Chinese I have also and you the reader will be galled at this but I take my chances for as far as i am concerned it is true and I can prove it I have desrcibed not just the big bang but why the big bang and how that began evolution of it all and guess where the missing mass of the cosmos is I can explain. all of what I am writting here is true, Yes in Australia i am seen as eccentric but no one take any notice of me back in Yorkshgire where i was born and educated I was top in my grammar in biology and geography. Often I solve ideas like this and advice my students to do the same, ask your mind a question and in time as your exprience grows the answer will come thus Coopracy the intellectual intentionality of democracy was born after I had a row with a local council which is easy in Australia and asked there must be a more intelligent way of doing it than that, And my insight into evolution tells us all organisms must be capitalist because of the genetic imperative for survival ensures that wd have no choice if we want to improve our chances of attracting a good enough mate to breed with henceforth the GFC came about but that is cutting a long story very very short.

Graham Thomas's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. being invited to develop a new languague acquisition program which i am now having translated inti Chinese it is unique in that
  2. My particular perculiarity is to be able to discern exponentialisms and patterns in behaviour i have developeam in China after
  3. observing patterns exponentialisation of policy ecological housing applying evolutionary mechanics to human solutions, liste
  4. organization of economically effective sustainable housing, what does sustainable housing mean?
  5. organization of capitalisation of lower income quintile in villages communicating ideas making friends with other cultures arb

Graham Thomas's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I used to work as an industrial engineer in the refractory field My job was to go to industrial sites and solve either structural problems or and labour problems my skill is economic efficiency I am writing a Book called Coopracy@Universal capitalism that will explain how capitalism ought to proceed through an understanding of static and mobile capital this method I am at the initial stages of introducing to the Chinese as I have solved the problem of ensuring food and water supply for all villages as well as an economic process that improves their lives to try and regenerate a better philosphy about village life in China and if I may say so wrote an unwritten chapter that finishes the works of Marx off This is genuine can explain in front of any audience and i mean any with clarity and confidence I have been working on this for forty years
  2. refractory engineer solve in partnership solve industrial problems, invented new eco efficient bread oven for third world pacific region have solved conundrum assuence of food and water for villages in most devloping countries in negotiation in initial stages of discussion in China using my own innovative economical approach called Universal capitalism if this has been a life time of dedication 40 years to understand ready to explain to any where in the world that has deveploment isues visa vis village poverty clean water food employment to slow migration to cities this combines with emissions reduction writing book can speak to audience intend to can explain how to balance the health budget in US with similar rationale limited by 1000 letters innovating language acquisition course for ESL