Problem Solver

Graham Lea star Proven Solver

Areas Graham Lea is Knowledgeable in:

bacterial infection, skin conditions, engineering problems, marketing and communications, product design, product addaptation,

Techniques Graham Lea Uses:

I firstly always take a long look at the project. I need to be fully aware of all aspects of any problem. This will include any unsuccessful previously applied solutions.
I then create a solution map. It is important especially in complicated cases that a clear and concise route to positive outcome is established. Adherence to the map during implementation of any plan must take a step by step approach. It is important to assess outcomes and adjust any required strategies employed in any solution.

Graham Lea's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have worked on many problems both product and business related. My achievements include taking a new concept medical product from ideation through to inclusion in the NHS supply chain for direct use in UK NHS hospitals and clinics. My engineering back ground includes all aspects of day to day running and production aspects including taking a large engineering company to ISO registration and full compliance. I am an outside of the box thinker and have on more than one occasion solved issues by employing alternate methods and ideas.