Guy Tevel

Guy Tevel

Guy Tevel's Training:

A high skilled Industrial Designer (B.des) in education, but mostly a man of vision, full of passion to creating big things that are futuristic in nature, yet practical. I have holistic and strategic approach to business, that I'm implementing, along with my marketing knowhow, onto result oriented research and R&D management processes. I have deep sense and understanding in complex technological, methodological and human systems, and the creative ability to analyze, integrate and assemble components together to achieve great goals. I have high authentic ability of empathy and understanding objects and people, what helps me to integrate interfaces between humans, services and products. I'm a hands-on team player and leader in nature, working great as a part of group, but also autonomously.
I'm currently on my Master studies of Design and Innovation management (M.des) at Bezalel academy of arts and design.

Guy Tevel's Experience:

I'm managing R&D projects for 13 years now, leading teams of creative and technical talents.

Guy Tevel's Experience with Online Groups:

Most years I collected talents online, using freelancer's website, and tailored them to each project. my platform - TVL Industrial Design, was an online platform, both for clients and for team members, and provided product development services worldwide. with this experience I learned one of the most crucial element of managing online teams - communication. Over the time I trained myself on how to be as clear as possible with the team in order to achieve best results.