Hanan Farahat

01/10/2013–30/08/2014 Master diploma of Biotechnology University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, SOFIA (Bulgaria) ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship Masters degree in Biotechnology.GPA 3.9

01/10/2010–01/10/2015 Master Degree in Nanotechnology Nile University, Giza (Egypt)

Nile university, NanoSciences and Technology Center. CGPA 3.72

"Isolation, Purification and Coating of Avocado Lipoxygenase Enzyme with Nanoporous Silica". LOX has shown exceptional activity for oxidizing plant pigments like β-carotene and chlorophyll, our study aims to provide more info about the role of Avocado LOX and the most efficient method of loading the enzyme onto NP to have highest performance.
15/09/2006–30/06/2010 Bachelors of Biotechnology
Greenwich University- Modern Sciences and Arts University, Giza (Egypt)
Modern Sciences and Arts University, Faculty of Biotechnology CGPA 3.71
Grad project: "Development of the first molecular diagnosis tool to serve 26% Marfan's Syndrome patients" in total of 407 mutations that lead to the same connective tissue disease. Greenwich University (Medway campus), UK. (2008)
"Isolation of Stress Related gene in wild legumes". FeSOD (Iron SuperOxide Dismutase) gene which is very vital in Egypt for repair of stress conditions related changes in plants' genes' expression levels. Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI), 2009-2010.

15/11/2015–Present PhD student
Nencki Institute for Experimental Biology- Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw (Poland)