Problem Solver

Harold Sokyrka

Harold Sokyrka

Areas Harold Sokyrka is Knowledgeable in:

Serial Entrepreneurial
Environmental Concerns
Developed Recycling Program "What Goes Where and WHY?"

Techniques Harold Sokyrka Uses:

Analyze the problem with the K.I.S.S.principal and then proceed to approach with a common-sense solution.

Harold Sokyrka's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Improved Waste Management; Proper Recycling and composting procedures

Harold Sokyrka's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 2018
    I developed a Patent Pending Reconfigurable Bag Holding System for Composting and Recycling which won First Place in the Emerging Compost Challenge for the reusable/washable bags.
  2. 1996
    Patented "Plexeon: which was an affordable unbreakable alternative to neon signs, which used a UV cured printing compound that would appear 3 dimensional and glow in the presence of Black Light. The compound was also used to produce braille.