Problem Solver

Henri Heinonen

Henri Heinonen

Areas Henri Heinonen is Knowledgeable in:

particle physics
science fiction
computer programming
computer hardware

Techniques Henri Heinonen Uses:

I love to think. I am also very optimistic about the future.

Henri Heinonen's Problem Solving Skills:

  2. LaTeX
  3. programming: Java, Fortran, Python
  4. simulation
  5. particle physics
  6. computer hardware

Henri Heinonen's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have been alpha testing BOINC (distributed computing) software since 2006.
  2. I have designed a new way to fund science. It's a transnational lottery game. The #1 priority is to get funding for a manned mission to Mars before the year 2020. I have sent letters about this idea to e.g. Dr. Robert Zubrin, Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson.
  3. I designed a modifiable computer keyboard and won a prize in Tutki-Kokeile-Kehitä 2003 competition with it.
  4. I helped Fluid Structure Interaction group by converting their MATLAB programs into Python and used web2py framework in order to make those applications web accessible.