Problem Solver

Hilary Shoniwa

Areas Hilary Shoniwa is Knowledgeable in:

Plants biology ; agriculture teaching research tutoring working in the laboratory mentoring counseling

Techniques Hilary Shoniwa Uses:

Problem solving involves making decisions that will solve the problem
In order to make to that I must
1. Know exactly what the problem is. That means the problem must be clearly defined. This means that I must state what the problem is e. g recently a student complained that they were not happy with the marking of a laboratory exercise and were comparing it with that of another student. There is also need to state the desired situation
2. How did this problem arise? What are the root causes?
3. What (if anything ) must be done: here I begin to look at all the possible solutions
4. These solutions must be weighed against each other: what are the advantages and disadvantages of each
5. Make the decision: explain it to all that are involved and affected
6. Lastly I have to make sure that there is proper and effective implementation

Hilary Shoniwa's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. mentoring

Hilary Shoniwa's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. As a professional woman I have mentored young women. The aim was to encourage them to become scientist. These were young secondary school girls. A number of the girls spent time with me at my place of work. I showed them what I do on a daily basis. I showed them the importance of being a woman scientist in today’s society and that it was not only a man’s world but they had the potential to become competent scientists. In my follow some years later I noted that some of the ladies I mentored were now doctors agriculturist research scientist and some were technicians.