Problem Solver

Hilton Araujo

Hilton Araujo

Areas Hilton Araujo is Knowledgeable in:

Self-development; online businesses; engineering; business

Techniques Hilton Araujo Uses:

Critical thinking; modeling and design; research.

Hilton Araujo's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Analyitical, strategic, detail-oriented, researcher, people

Hilton Araujo's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I redesigned a consulting company structure to become focused on project development instead of processes in less than 6 months;
    - I optimized an ER hospital process using simulation and theory of constraints;
    - I improved a food processing production capacity by 29% in less than 1 month without extra costs;
    - I developed 2 websites for clients;
    - I designed a CAD model of Smartphone case connected with charger;
    - I give financial advises using fixed costs methodologies;
    - I help people to deal with stress using self-awareness technique and understanding their own emotions;