Patent Holder

Hitesh Arora

Below are selected patents and patent applications.

 Method for line density multiplication using block copolymers and sequential infiltration synthesis. US 14/174,939.
 Thermal interface material composition including polymeric matrix and carbon filler. US 13/625,612.
 Reduction of underfill filler settling in integrated circuit packages. US 13/722,886.
 Monocrystalline Epitaxially Aligned Nanostructures and Related Methods. US 13/582,525.
 Dbf film as a thermal interface material. US 13/727,409.
 Robust ink formulations for durable markings on microelectronic packages and its extendibility as a barrier material for thermal and sealant materials. US 13/801,059
 Thermal interface techniques and configurations. US 13/907,454
 Method for making an imprint template with data regions and non-data regions using block copolymers. US 20160064027.
 Method for making a patterned perpendicular magnetic recording disk using glancing angle deposition of hard mask material. US 20160064026.
 Flexible lead frame for multi-leg package assembly. US 20150287901.