Problem Solver

Holger Niebisch

Areas Holger Niebisch is Knowledgeable in:

Manufacturing - industrial equipment, automation, product design and development, testing and prototyping

Techniques Holger Niebisch Uses:

Utilize research and analysis to identify and illuminate areas requiring attention and taking corrective as well as pre-emptive measures as required by the project parameters.

Holger Niebisch's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. product design and development, parking control equipment, access control systems, revenue control systems

Holger Niebisch's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - developed a customized ticketing system for a major Mid-Western Airport
    - developed a hardware and software based Valet parking management system for a major NE Casino/Entertainment complex
    - developed a vehicle counting system for a major NY area retail complex
    - developed a vehicle guidance system for warehouse operations
    - developed a cash collection system for a gulf coast marina