Patent Holder

Holly Prentice

• Cell culture process. WO/2013/009648, H. Prentice, published Jan 17, 2013.
• Methods for producing mammalian cells. WO 2006/055915, H. Prentice & B. Ehrenfels, published May 26, 2006.
• FLP-Mediated recombination. WO 2005/038020, H. Prentice & L. Caamano, published April 28, 2005.
• Methods and constructs for expressing polypeptide multimers in eukaryotic cells using alternative splicing. US Patent 7,569,362, H. Prentice.
• An expression cassette and vector for transient or stable expression of exogenous molecules. US Patent 7,494,805, W. Sisk & H. Prentice.
• High expression locus vector based on ferritin heavy chain gene locus. WO 2004/037982, H. Prentice, published May 5, 2004.
• Method of expressing and secreting soluble extracellular domains of human gonadotropin hormone receptors. U.S. Patent 6,033,903, Sisk, W.P., Cheng, S.V.Y., Buckler, D.R. & H.L. Prentice.
• Four additional patent applications submitted in 2013