Problem Solver

Holly Prentice

Areas Holly Prentice is Knowledgeable in:

Life sciences with an emphasis on biotechnology.

Techniques Holly Prentice Uses:

Being open minded and looking many places.

Holly Prentice's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Batch and fed-batch cell culture process development
  2. Cell culture media and feed development
  3. Mammalian cell banking and cell line chracterization
  4. Generation of stable recombinant cell lines
  5. Development and optimization of mammalian expression vectors
  6. Selection of analytical methods to support bioprocess development
  7. Cell based assay development

Holly Prentice's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a vector system based on a highly expressed locus that confers high levels of expression in CHO cells (patented).
  2. I developed a patented approach to produce peptide multimers in eukaryotic cells in controlled ratios.
  3. I developed a more robust cell line for bioprocess applications that is currently used to generate clinical products (patented).
  4. I developed approaches to modulate protein product quality attributes from recombinant mammalian cell lines leading to five patents in this area.
  5. I developed a high throughput low cost mix and read method for screening recombinant cell lines expressing antibodies.