Problem Solver

Horatio Baugh

Horatio Baugh

Areas Horatio Baugh is Knowledgeable in:

Mind Performance for individuals
Growing Online Business
Speed Learning Languages

Techniques Horatio Baugh Uses:

Cognitive Assimilation, cognitive marketing, cognitive performance, cognitive remedies.

Horatio Baugh's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Prediction Theory: Conceived an system to predict the future outcome of a life event.
  2. Having solved several problems for large corporations within the United Kingdom - my skills are well acknowledged.
  3. Being a 3 year old Gifted, Genius, Out of this World!, in childhood, accept my invitation to gain more than others!
  4. I can help in Mind Performance benefits and techniques to improve performance overall.
  5. Languages: Rapid language learning Computer Game has been conceived - speak 900 words a day! Chinese.

Horatio Baugh's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Improvements: In the mind enhancing solution I provide with unlocking the mind I have remedied people lacking in learning languages rapidly; major milestone is being able to go from 10 words of a foreign language learnt a day to 500 words a day!
  2. Three large organisations - I have consulted with my electronic reports - to improve the performance yield in their sports people with my mind solutions to date. Namely, United Kingdom Sports Clubs.
  3. Devised solution to immensely improve cognitive performance based on life-like learning and observation, from peers and contemporaries. In practice, I have sold my solution to others via the Internet.