Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper's Training:

My taining, facilitation and application exerience includes:

Design for Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, TRIZ Certification and 8 years facilitating engineering teams through DFMEA, DfR and DfX processes and problem/solution analysis. 'Helped 26 product developement teams solve what each was describing as their "unsolveable problems". I Facilitated them through a one-hour problem/solution meeting with my principle driven solutions tools. All 26 teams came up with innovative solution to their 'unsolvable problem'.
All 26 of these improved components or systems were then adopted by our customer, the U.S. Army.
These 26 devices are now saving the Army $233 million/year, over the legacy systems they had been using.

Development of the PDD, Principle Driven Development system which empowers teams with the tools and proceedures to develope 15X more product hits than misses and do it in 1/3rd the time.

Tools & Procedures Include:
Open Innovation - Why reinvent the wheel? Rapidly find suppliers and vendors for the components and subsystems you need, while protecting your idea, purpose, I.P. and "attack plan" and market in the process.

Closed Innovation - Use Tesla visioning and modeling methods to protect I.P. and cut expensive final product validation testing by 60-80%.

Lateral/Vector Innovation - Selecting the righ process and team, based on the problem type, to carry good ideas and design concepts all the way through to execution and market readiness. Prevent innovative solutions from falling through the cracks, dieing in committee meetings and round-table discussions, or killed by company politics.

Structured Innovation - So you can;
1. Use principle driven innovation tools to solve your problem in minutes rather than waiting months or years brainstorming or waiting for an epiphany,
2. Identify the next "big thing" your customer will adopt and embrace, before your competitor does, and
3. Overcome physical contradictions, engineering constraints, conflicting requirements and system technical conflicts, before they get baked into the design and likely cause product safety and reliability recalls and high warranty costs.

Experimental Innovation - Using DOES, FMEA, Math Models and HALT/ALT methods to optimize performance, while minimizing material and labor costs for experimental prototypes and low-rate production testing, etc.

Diamond PM - Gives project management the missing 4th metric to guide and manage Innovation and Value growth during the race to meet budget and scheduled deadlines.

Disruptive Innovation - How to identify and manage disruptive innovations so they don't disrupt, damage or destroy your company.

Howard Cooper's Experience:

Facilitated manufacturing teams made up of; VP Mfg, Mfg Engineer, Mfg Mgr, Plant Mgr, Purchasing, Union Tradesmen and Maintenance Supervision - to identify and eliminate automated manufacturing systems and equipment malfunctions and down-time. Thirty seven such corporate project teams over 15 years, resulted in 70-92% reduction of unscheduled equipment downtime.

Facilitatied 36 different General Dynamics design & development engineering groups through their design due dilligence FMEA, Failure Mode Effects Analysis. Approx 25-35 hour activity for each team, at General Dynamics, resulted in documenting and prioritizing all potential ways the design might fail. Reported prioritized list of most critical failure modes and the root cause environmental and normal usage stresses causing each failure mode.

Facilitating online innovation training, one-on-one. Guiding working professionals through learning and applying various innovation methodologies, processes and tool application.

Howard Cooper's Experience with Online Groups:

Over half of my design & development innovation projects have been facilitated online.

Approximately 10-15 of my corporate manufacturing systems reliablity projects have been facilitated by phone, Google Meets or Zoom to do FMEA, root cause analysis and principle driven solution sessions and to apply recommendations in my FISH, Functional Interface Stress Hardening report. (see list of past clients).