Problem Solver

Humayun Mubarak

Areas Humayun Mubarak is Knowledgeable in:

SEO, Business in General, 3d modelling and Animation, Photogrpahy, digital Signage.

Techniques Humayun Mubarak Uses:

Business Plan Optimization
Bottle neck Identification
Search Engine Optimization
Innovative Ideas
Using Multidimensional thinking to tap undiscoverd markets and clients.

Humayun Mubarak's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have 25 years in various Business ventures that includes, Digital Printing, Photography, Stock Trading, Marketing, and Web Development
    I have special skills in Search Engine Optimization, I have raked many websites on first position on Google.
    My clients have benefited taking my advise in expanding their business.
    I am a solution provider using my diverse experience.