Problem Solver

Iain Sanders

Iain Sanders

Areas Iain Sanders is Knowledgeable in:

I specialize in strategic planning and delivery for profitable growth, change and business development.

Strategy execution for Benefits Realization is one of my key strengths. Here is a summary of my approach:

1. Review Strategy Priorities to deliver.
2. Develop Value Propositions to achieve these priorities.
3. Design Business Models to deliver these Value Propositions.
4. Map the Value Delivery pathways to realize these objectives.
5. Define the Delivery Vehicles (DVs) used on these pathways:

DVs = solutions, systems, services, products, processes, projects, and data.

6. Prototype and test your Delivery Vehicles.
7. Revise and optimize your Delivery Vehicles.
8. Plan delivery of Delivery Vehicle benefits.
9. Manage delivery of Delivery Vehicle benefits.
10. Review Strategy Benefits realized.

My interests include: change governance, information assurance, innovation process management, business valuation and investment, executive coaching and mastermind groups, systems engineering, whole systems thinking, and next generation infrastructure design for essential services.

I facilitate sustainable business growth and discovery, by first defining the ideal solution, and then solving the problems necessary to achieve it.

I show organizations how to deliver a better value proposition to their customers by:

1. Identifying their customers' most important business goals and objectives;

2. Distinguishing their customers' current needs from their desired future results;

3. Linking organizational outputs and solutions to the achievement of these preferred results;

4. Developing the best solution for delivering a sustainable competitive advantage to their customers;

5. Defining the functional capabilities, system architectures, partnerships, activities and other resources necessary to realize the ideal solution;

6. Optimizing the business model to achieve a sustainable profitable benefit for the organization;

7. Solving the problems necessary to realize and deliver the ideal solution; and,

8. Facilitating the delivery of business, stakeholder, system and process requirements.

I help companies achieve better results by making better decisions, using a combination of skills and competencies including: systematic inventive problem-solving (TRIZ), lean and agile project management, business model innovation, systems engineering, lean six sigma process improvement and design for lean six sigma process creation and redesign, business intelligence and predictive analytics, benefits realization management, and whole systems thinking.

Techniques Iain Sanders Uses:

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) using Innovation Workbench by Ideation International.

Iain Sanders's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Project Planning and Management
  2. Process Improvement and Redesign
  3. Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ)
  4. Value Proposition Creation
  5. Innovation Systems Architecture
  6. Technology Research and Development
  7. Workshop Design and Delivery
  8. Strategic Planning and Execution
  9. Benefits Realization Management
  10. Business Analytics and Intelligence
  11. Business Model Optimization

Iain Sanders's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I proposed several tele-rehabilitation solutions to assist doctors and care-givers treat stroke patients remotely.
  2. I proposed a stroke rehabilitation device for increasing hand mobility until full functionality restored.