Problem Solver

ian orawiec

my father used to tell me,"if you're gonna do something, do it right the first time or don't do it at all".

Areas ian orawiec is Knowledgeable in:

Innovation based upon controlled parameters. Imagine an image getting ready to be patented but still roughed up with numbers, measurements, and side notes, this is how my mind works, this is what I see.

Techniques ian orawiec Uses:

As an environmental scientist, biologist, illustrator, tradesman, teacher, musician, and part-time chemist, I have lost the footsteps to reinvent my techniques for other like minds to interpret. I simply envision the environment starting with variable x and variable y.

ian orawiec's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. public affairs
  2. mechanical engineering
  3. social skills
  4. economics
  5. society
  6. entrepeneurship
  7. design
  8. environmental design
  9. construction
  10. health science

ian orawiec's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. utilitizing pulley systems for any application.
  2. systems fabrication for economic revitalization and commonwealth sustainability.
  3. marketing as a second language. design and advertisement that appeals to a complex socioeconomic infrastructure.
  4. cultivation of new ecological homeostatic growth biased to native deforestation or invasive competition within a defined geographic region.
  5. I'm currently working with a local college on a brand-new form of energy to implement near the great lakes in the U.S.
  6. In my lifetime I will devote my utmost capabilities to providing for a sustainable planet for life to thrive once again. I believe it can be done simply I only need the right minds to endorse these endeavors and to once again, believe in possibility. The world gives us information with this information what do you intend on giving the world. Remember, life is meant to provide for life.

    -I. Orawiec 2009
  7. global design in multi faucetted cyclic, low-end industrial innovation.
  8. when a car breaks down, or any cyclic energy production machine that demonstrates entropy for that matter, visualization of understanding to comprehend and materialize probable solutions based upon strict perameters is my strongest strength.