Problem Solver

Ian Watkins

Ian Watkins

Areas Ian Watkins is Knowledgeable in:

I am particularly knowledgeable and interested in energy-related inventions and my professional career has been predominantly in the energy field. I also have a keen interest in crime-related inventions. I prefer to focus on inventions that solve large-scale problems due to the potential commercial reward being so significant for the effort expended. However, my broad scientific and technical capabilities allow me to focus on diverse areas of interest.

Techniques Ian Watkins Uses:

I utilise my high IQ and deep thinking analytical skills to identify the core aspects of the problem and then use my lateral and creative thinking skills to develop solutions, assisted by my broad scientific and practical knowledge and experience.

Ian Watkins's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Other (Security): Invention experience of crime prevention, detection and perpetrator identification.
  2. Other (Technical Writing): Experience with writing PhD thesis, scientific research articles, research reports and grant applica
  3. Other (Research): 20 years of research scientist experience in chemistry and ceramics.
  4. Other (Professional Problem Solver): Invention experience with creative problem solving in diverse fields.
  5. Other (Professional Inventor): Invention experience in diverse fields using broad scientific knowledge and understanding.
  6. Other (Design): Invention experience involving designs comprising electrical, electronic, mechanical and chemical components.
  7. Policy/Government (Crime): Invention experience of crime perpetrator identification and crime prevention techniques.
  8. Mechanical Devices and Manufacturing (Sensors): Research experience of ceramic sensors with broad understanding of the field.
  9. Mechanical Devices and Manufacturing (Tools): Invention experience of tool development with broad mechanical experience.
  10. Mechanical Devices and Manufacturing (Science): Invention experience of science-based mechanical devices.
  11. Energy and Clean Technology (Solar): Invention experience of photovoltaic panels and solar water heaters.
  12. Energy and Clean Technology (Solar): Research experience of photovoltaic cells.
  13. Energy and Clean Technology (Green Tech): Narrow application Green Tech specialist with broad understanding of the field.
  14. Electronics and semiconductors (Electronics): Basic electronics and circuit board design.
  15. Energy and Clean Technology (Energy): Energy-saving specialist with broad understanding of the field.
  16. Electronics and semiconductors (Communications): Invention experience of increasing data transfer for fibre-optic communication
  17. Chemistry and Physical Sciences (Physics): Science degree-level skill.
  18. Chemistry and Physical Sciences (Material Science): Research experience with ceramic film formation from chemical solutions.
  19. Chemistry and Physical Sciences (Optical Science): Invention experience with optical pathways, including for covert surveillanc
  20. Chemistry and Physical Sciences (Eng-Chemical): Research and invention experience with fluid flow.
  21. Chemistry and Physical Sciences (Chemistry): 8 years post-doctoral research on thin film ceramics.
  22. Chemistry and Physical Sciences (Chemistry): PhD Chemistry from Monash University –“Iron-based catalysts for coal liquefact

Ian Watkins's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I invented pest-control equipment that is more humane, efficient and time-saving.
  2. I invented equipment to prevent and detect electrical powerline breakages, which often cause bushfires/wildfires.
  3. I invented improved fire-fighting techniques for bushfires/wildfires.
  4. I invented two mechanisms for improving the efficiency of all silicon solar cell panels.
  5. I invented two lower-cost solar water heaters.
  6. I invented a technique for sending encrypted messages that are protected from interception because they are undecipherable.
  7. I invented a range of electronic devices and methods for detection and identification of criminals.
  8. I invented improved aerodynamic fittings for trucks to reduce fuel usage.
  9. I invented an improved performance turbocharger for internal combustion engines.
  10. I invented a range of electrical devices, including low-cost motion detectors.
  11. I invented pumps powered from a wide range of energy sources.
  12. I invented a low-cost, unpowered electrical device that eliminates standby power.
  13. I invented electricity generators powered by a wide range of energy sources.
  14. I invented a cheaper chemical process for extracting carbon dioxide from power station emissions for Carbon Capture and Storage applications.
  15. I invented a hemispherical and 360-degree lens for commercial and military applications.
  16. I identified a hidden error in a university strategic cost management system that provided ongoing annual savings of over AUD$4 million on building space for three faculties.
  17. I invented an improved fibre-optic communication technique that quadrupled the amount of data that could be transmitted.
  18. I collaboratively invented a range of hazard warning devices, primarily to prevent car dooring (where cyclists hit car doors opened in front of them).
  19. I invented an energy management system for industrial-scale intensive electricity users that saves up to 10% of their electricity bill.
  20. I collaboratively invented provisionally-patented tamper-evident and tamper-proof vehicle registration plates for an Australian state government technology challenge.
  21. I collaboratively invented provisionally-patented tamper-proof fasteners, primarily to secure vehicle registration plates for an Australian state government technology challenge.
  22. I identified potential treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by using immune system moderators.