Problem Solver

Ifty Hass

Ifty Hass

Areas Ifty Hass is Knowledgeable in:

1. Security management and processes
2. Process improvement and efficiency.
3. Coaching and development of individuals and teams.
4. many interests and helping people to see a solution.
5. Improve business performance by solving problems that may be impacting performance
6. Improve profitability by developing new, improving processes
7. Development of new revenue streams by adapting your existing products for new markets.

Techniques Ifty Hass Uses:

The technique of problem solving depends on the 'Problem' each problem is unique and the solution has to be adapted. There are many exsisting techniques which can be used an adpated to solving problems. It is hard to emphasis a particular solution.

Ifty Hass's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Information management

Ifty Hass's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 1. In a large corporation all the operational services were outsourced. On visiting one site i noticed feedback that they were short of storage. In a quick review of storage rooms i found that storage rooms full of stock and no owners, hence the storage. Engaged the appropriate function owners to take ownership of their products and changed global processes that all unclaimed stock should be sent back to distribution depots after three months of inactivity. This resulted in $5 million saving in one site alone.
    2. Working across major project teams, i became aware that each project used their own internal documents and processes. After review it as decided through collaboration that as much project documentation should be central, which helped to increase efficiency and resilience across teams.