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Issam Hamdi

Issam Hamdi
MY Invention :
British Patents: British Patent Office.
1- Building-integratged solar energy panels .
Patent NO: GB0819419.3 03 December 2008(Journal 6237)
It holds a silver medal from IENA Nuremberg Exhibition 2009

2- Dual panels solar energy heating system
Patent NO: GB1119349.7 21 December 2011(Journal 6396)

3- In-place solar irrigation system
Patent NO: GB0903677.3 15 April 2009(Journal 6256)

4- Portable incubator for premature babies ,patent NO GB1423264.9 11 February 2015 Journal 6560

5- Hot air energy saving portable bed warmer ,Patent No: GB1606050.1 , 25 May 2016 (Journal 6627)

Syrian Patents:
Site of the Directorate of intellectual property protection in Syria link,
Syrian Patent Office.

1- Patent No. 4940
Purification of exhaust gases from soot device

2- Patent No. 5007
Profile ventilation for the bed and seats device

3- Patent No. 5011
Arm holder for industrial equipment

4- Patent No. 5012
Pot cooking homogeneous heat

5- Patent No. 5025
Simple Settlement Body

6- Patent No. 5029
A stretcher isolated

7- Patent No. 5035
A separator for fuel and electricity to protect the mechanisms of combustion

8- Patent No. 5156
Device determines the length of tooth

9- Patent No. 5364
A computer controlled by the hands or feet

10- Patent No. 5431
Computer table

11- Patent No. 5500
Extra features of the computer table

12- Patent No.5954
Kids portable incubator: used in clinics and medical centers in remote areas of child custody temporarily until being transferred to a nearby hospital also can be used and always made from plastics and folding., Won the silver medal at the first national contest of the invention in 2014. ,(( Registration number of deposit:0061)).
13- Simple Wheelchair Chair, a new chair design for the Wheelchair is more comfortable and cheaper than any Wheelchair for the disabled