Ivan Machin

Ivan Machin
1/6) CATACHEM® v1.0 (2002-2012).
Program to develop phenomenological correlations between catalytic activity with physicochemical properties of the catalysts.

2/6) GENEMOL® v2.0 (2006-2012).
Program to generate a model molecules of complex organic systems from spectral data of NMR 1H and NMR 13C, elemental analysis, and VPO.

3/6) KINECHEM® v1.0 (2002-2012).
Program for the development of complex kinetic models.

4/6) QBCHEM® v1.0 (2001-2012).
Program with elements of artificial intelligence for balance of complex
chemical equations.

5/6) QDSolv® v1.0 (2005-2012).
Program to calculate the pH of Buffers and units conversion
of concentration.

6/6) QBTHERM® v3.0 (1992-2012).
Program for calculating the thermodynamic properties of organic compounds, inorganic and free radicals, based on the principle of adding groups.