James Bryant

James Bryant

James Bryant's Training:

I am trained in Neuro-linguistic programming to master level.
I am a trained salesman and strategic marketing specialist.

James Bryant's Experience:

I have established, owned and operated a training consultancy responsible for developing skills in others to lead, coach and facilitate working with major PLC and global organisations at board level and below.
I am a trained communicator working in sales, marketing and PR.
I have lead teams in different fields from technology to consulting.
I have experience in many fields as diverse as healthcare and data analytics.
My specialist interest is in human behaviour and improving the function of organisations of all sizes- focused on making the right things easy. I have developed specific methods which are to be the subject of a book currently being developed for a major publisher.
I am creative in my field and have provided creative solutions to clients and employers.
I worked with Research and development in the packaging industry, developing the company response to consumer needs.

James Bryant's Experience with Online Groups:

I have a lot of informal experience working with associates using skype especially cross border. I co-developed a guidelines package to help a global client improve cross border mutli-national virtual workshops and so can share protocols for effective virtual working.