Jerickson Jaspe

Jerickson Jaspe

Jerickson Jaspe's Training:

As a Facilitator, I aim to build a superstar team, not just a team of superstars. I make sure applicants have the necessary hard skills but also look at important soft skills, such as written and oral communication, logical thinking, adaptability, attention to detail and reliability. In addition to questions to check experience and credentials, I would ask behavioral, competency and opinion questions during the interview, as well as a brain teaser or two.

Jerickson Jaspe's Experience:

I tend to lean towards a democratic leadership style when establishing a new team. After a few months, I become a bit more laissez-faire in my leadership style as my employees become more accomplished in their roles. I've found in my past experience that most employees do best when you get out of the way and give them the space they need to do their work independently. I'm always present, however, and implement regular check-ins, both formal and informal, to ensure my team has all the support and resources they need.

Knowing a bit about your company culture, I think this approach will work well. The innovative and creativity driven culture fits well with my leadership style.

Jerickson Jaspe's Experience with Online Groups:

First, I communicate work expectations clearly to team members, being sure to highlight everything that’s been communicated to me from managers and executives. This reduces the chance of failure. Second, throughout a task or project, I monitor key performance indicators to see if the team is on schedule, within budget and producing quality work. I also ask that team members maintain constant communication with me throughout the project. This allows me to anticipate and identify problems before they arise and reduce any negative effects