Problem Solver

Jim Cowen

I can fairly quickly carry out an assessment on any problems put to me and see if there are any options worth exploring without spending a lot of time and creating unnecessary cost for any "Seeker"

Areas Jim Cowen is Knowledgeable in:

Machined components or assemblies in most materials. Helping to develop ideas into meaningful drawings that enable the parts to be made efficiently and cost effectively. Providing manufactured costs for manufactured parts or helping to source Prototype parts.

Techniques Jim Cowen Uses:

I use my engineering background in the high volume automotive industry to look at the best methods of manufacture and the manufacturing costs resulting from the design. I also see if design features can be changed to inprove the product and reduce manufacturing costs enabling the finished product to meet the cost required.
The method of manufacture is important, knowing what process will result in a good product manufactured at the most competitive price.

Jim Cowen's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Knowledge of how to machine or manufacture specific components and where to souce in UK

Jim Cowen's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have solved manufacturing methods / design / calibration for folding surveying straight edges for transporting to sites by car.
    I have designed and help manufacture aluminium gearboxes for swimming pool covers on rollers
    I have a knowlegde of where to source and have manufactured (in the UK) many precision engineered parts and conponents.
    I have experience in developing basic designs of products into detailed drawings for manufacturing and to help develop products for cost effective manufacture.