Problem Solver

Jim Ellis

Jim Ellis

Areas Jim Ellis is Knowledgeable in:

Manufacturing, Design for manufacturing, Robotics, Automation, New Product Startups, All Manufacturing Processes, 3D Printing, New Ideas.

Techniques Jim Ellis Uses:

Patient listening
Complete understanding (through well-designed questions) of the problem
Brainstorming of possible solutions that fit currently available manufacturing techniques.
Rapid development of prototype to test key areas of risk
Integration of test results into the system model
Development of complete (looks like manufactured) prototype(s) for testing
Implementation of all design changes.
Creation of all manufacturing documentation.

Jim Ellis's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. 3D printing
  2. Prototyping
  3. Machining
  4. CAD Design
  5. Out of the box thinker
  6. Design for Manufacturing
  7. Problem Solving

Jim Ellis's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed (for my customer) an OR Table attachment used by the anesthesiologist for intubation. It positions the patient's head and torso for proper insertion of the breathing tube.
  2. I developed a specialized rib retraction device for Mayo Hospital for organ transplants
  3. I developed a motorized exam table for my customer that lifts a 500 lb. patient from 17" from the floor up to examination height. It has a motorized backrest, a built-in scale for patient weighing, and a built in tape measure for patient height measurement.
  4. I participated on a nationally recognized Value Analysis Team that implemented 50% product cost reduction in 6 months
  5. I led a group of people that developed and implemented manufacturing equipment for a multi-layer HTCC ceramic process that took the process from its infancy of 500 parts per week at 40% yield to 10,000 parts per week at 96% yield in about 10 years.
  6. I studied a poor yielding assembly line and created individual assembly stations where the product "run-at-start" quality jumped from zero to 100%
  7. I developed a universal coil winding mandrel for large transformer coils that eliminated manual buildup of wooden core mandrels
  8. I developed a custom Weld process for assembling a family of large weldments
  9. I developed an entire manufacturing process for a new line of fractional horsepower inverter drives
  10. I developed a large plate scheduling process which resulted in 2X manufacturing throughput
  11. I helped develop an intra-operative load measurement device used in knee replacement surgery.