Problem Solver

Jit Jung Lakandri

Jit Jung Lakandri

Areas Jit Jung Lakandri is Knowledgeable in:

Creative Problem solving innovative ideas and inventions

Techniques Jit Jung Lakandri Uses:

I use
- first principle thinking
- mind mapping
- connecting the dots and fill the gaps

Jit Jung Lakandri's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Finance management
  2. And other (which u will know when we get to have a good conversation)
  3. Creative Thinking and problem solving
  4. Inventor

Jit Jung Lakandri's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed a plan for a system which manages cloud storage for a normal individual customers
  2. I have developed a patent idea for a non eletric stair stepper machine for fitness. Which weighs 60% less, consume no electricity, and costs 10 times less then normal eletric stair stepper
  3. I have developed a patent idea a device which is called attachable eink display. Which works is 700% cheaper and 10× faster then a kindle and doesn't have many components.
  4. And other