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João Miranda

João Miranda • I am an experienced consultant in knowledge-intensive business services holding B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees all in Electrical Engineering;

• I offer over 20 years of business acumen and technical expertise and 12 years of experience devoted to Research, Development & Innovation (R&D+I)—6 years of which worked in state-of-the-art facilities in Germany and Ireland;

• Besides my relevant international experience, I also bring to the table an established network of connections—from Universities to Government and from Startups and Research Institutes to Global Tech & Top Consulting Partners—with R&D+I ecosystems at both the national and international levels;

• I am capable of prospecting, developing, and maintaining longstanding relationships, as well as to coordinating partnerships and collaborations in multi-disciplinary and cross-sector settings;

• My professional interests lie in the fields of Technology and Strategic Planning, Roadmapping, Tech Foresight, Partnership & Ecosystem Development and Funding involving Innovation, Emerging Technologies, R&D, and Project Management (both hardware and software) using Agile Methodologies;

• Selected project areas: 4G-5G Cellular Communications, Military Communications, Internet of Things, Software Defined Radio, Web, Mobile, User Experience/User Interface, Gamification, Big Data & Analytics, Behavior Monitoring, Knowledge Management, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence;

• Selected market verticals: Aerospace & Defense, Agribusiness, Automotive, Government, Health, Manufacture, Mining, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, and Retail.

Languages João Miranda speaks: