John Di Frances

John Di Frances's Training:

Bahcelor's Degree - Major Business / Minor Economics - University of Wisconsin, 1973.

John Di Frances's Experience:

10 years of corporate experience, including 2 years in management and 4 years in senior executive roles. Management responsibility for multiple departments and operations across 40 states and Canada. Executive responsibility for planning, strategy and innovation across the full organization.

My consulting practice began in 1983, has focused on the practical application of innovation to real world needs and problems. I have operated Red Door Innovation since 2008. My consulting has included aerospace and defense, healthcare, many forms of manufacturing and product development, professional services, construction, software, electronics, etc. My clients have ranged from global corporations to technology start-ups, serving both U.S. based clients as well as organizations internationally. I have also served nonprofit and government clients.

I have instructed on a range of business issues, including creativity and innovation, for colleges, universities and private seminar firms, taught Senior Executive Service (SES) courses at the FBI Academy, delivered innovation keynotes both online and in person on numerous occasions.

Author of Minding The Giraffes: The People Side of Innovation (Reliance Books, Nov. 2012).

John Di Frances's Experience with Online Groups:

I have facilitated online as an adjunct to on-site consulting. As an example, I have been consulting to a software start-up company based in KS for the past eight months, with only two face-to-face meetings during that period.