John Kelly star Proven Solver

John Kelly

John Kelly's Training:

Have developed tactical innovation process tools and models for quantitative evaluation of new ideas/technologies/products for major aerospace corporation

Developed and led numerous value-engineering focused ideation efforts, comparative system architecture evaluations, proposal development execution sessions, and competitive technolology/corporation/data assesments for small to large distributed groups

Developed and led novel innovation-focused leadership and development coursework for major aerospace corporation

Developed and led novel navigation, systems, communication, and application development coursework for major aerospace corporation

Performed in numerous facilitator roles for systems/software/hardware/program/marketing and other group efforts in small to large program developments

John Kelly's Experience:

Numerous small to large scale / thousands to millions-scope program systems architecture, design, development, proposal development, acquisition, and execution

Numerous leadership roles and facilitation efforts for small / medium / large (few to dozens) project teams in distributed locations

Strong domestic and international professional participation and recognition in professional organizations, technology direction, and conference coordination

John Kelly's Experience with Online Groups:

See above; performed in technology leadership roles in telework/remote status and coordinated/facilitated all product/program/technology development efforts for 15+yrs