Problem Solver

John Kelly star Proven Solver

John Kelly

Areas John Kelly is Knowledgeable in:

Space/aerospace, guidance and navigation, systems engineering of complex systems, innovation processes and methods, modeling, prototyping, comedy

Techniques John Kelly Uses:

Numerous systems engineering/architecting evaluation techniques relative to DoDAF

Tactical innovation tools and quantitative evaluation/assessment models

Various qualitative and quantitative approaches and model tools based on TRIZ/DesignSheet/BlueSky/others

John Kelly's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Technical/Commercial Writing
  2. Informationa Assurance
  3. Guidance and Navigation
  4. Autonomous Systems and Targeting
  5. Systems Engineering and Architecting of Complex Systems (Military/Commercial)
  6. Theater/improv comedy/sketch writing/acting/producing
  7. Decision Analytics
  8. Distributed Computing and Tactical Communications
  9. Tactical Innovation and Value Engineering

John Kelly's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Have 21+ years of successful small/medium/large scale program development and leadership in new/novel/early stage technology projects, research/development, strategic planning, and product portfolio development

    Have deep experience in identifying unique high value innovation and transition to specific commercial and military product portfolios

    Have several patents and other IP and participated in various new venture evaluations

    Have developed novel tactical innovation and value engineering tools and quantitative techniques for product/project new capability identification and execution