Julia Gumula

Julia Gumula's Training:

Input on innovation processes - sequence of stages: idea generating, selection, improvement and further developing, and diffusion of invention.

My workshops cover the first three sequences of the innovation process.

Afterwards I introduce the theory of spreading activation by Collins & Loftus (1975), explaining how semantic jumps enhance innovativeness of ideas.

Then follows the ideation phase: depending on the problem to be solved one of four semantic jumps techniques is applied.

After generation selection of ideas follows. Quality measures of ideas are applied according to the client's needs (e.g. idea must cost less than x, idea has to be surprising, has to be legal, must draw attention, etc.

Julia Gumula's Experience:

- co-facilitated an idea generation workshop for Siemens
- facilitated 17 innovation workshops with approx. 20 entrepreneurs-to-be each (sum of 250)
- university lectures on diverse networks and how to practice networking (exercises)

Julia Gumula's Experience with Online Groups:

No online facilitation,yet. But I am experienced in leading work groups via email.