Karl Dr. Cammann

Karl Dr. Cammann
1960 - 63 Studies in chemical engineering in Essen (F.R. Germany); distinguished Diploma in Chemical Engineering

1963 - 70 Industrial work at Beckman Instruments in Munich as a product line manager; (from 65 - 70 on same position during university studies)

1965 - 70 Further chemistry studies at the Technical University of Munich (F.R. Germany), Diploma thesis with H. Gerischer (Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry) on the topic: „Electrochemistry at semiconductor/electrolyte interfaces“

1970 - 79 Junior Scientist at the Mineralogisch-Petrographisches Institut of the University of Munich (Head of the geochemical analytical laboratory, installation of a laboratory for geochronology)

3/1975 PhD graduation with G. Ertl (Nobel Laureate 2007), Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich), thesis: "Working Principle of Ion Selective Electrodes -Estimation of ion exchange current densities"

1975 - 78 various post-doctoral research appointments in the United States ( with G.A. Rechnitz, State University of New York at Buffalo (Biosensors), and 2 x S. Mazur, University of Chicago (organic electrochemistry)) taken as leave of absent from the
U. of Munich

8/1979 Associate Professor (C2) for Analytical Chemistry at the University of Ulm (F.R. Germany)

1984 - 85 Visiting Professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Delaware, Newark (USA) on invitation of G.A. Rechnitz; teaching an electroanalytical chemistry course

7/1986 Professor for Analytical Chemistry (Extra-Ordinariat) at the Technical University Munich after rejecting an equivalent position offer from the University of Göttingen (F.R. Germany)

8/1987 Full Professor C 4 at the Chair of Analytical Chemistry at the Westfälische Wilhelms-University at Münster (F.R. Germany) succeeding the late Prof. F. Umland

4/1991 Head of the newly-founded Institute for Chemical and Biochemical Sensor Research ICB ( Institut für Chemo- und Biosensorik) at the University of Münster in personal union with the Chair of Analytical Chemistry

10/1995 Rejection the offered position as a Full Professor of Analytical
Chemistry at the University of Hamburg together with head of
the institute for physical and chemical analysis at the Federal Research Center GKSS, Geesthacht.