Problem Solver

Kate Brighton

Areas Kate Brighton is Knowledgeable in:

I am interested in all knowledge , acquisition of ideas and problem solving. Even in my free time I primarily read or watch TED about ideas, thought leaders, inventions, social progress and changes.

Techniques Kate Brighton Uses:


Kate Brighton's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Telecommunications, experience with Australia's largest Telco- Telstra, working with IBB Consulting International, clients have
  2. Society, trends, history, thought leaders, Graduate Diploma in Culture, high level networks, crowd sourcing, across major chang
  3. Movie Industry, head-hunted in industry, personal data base of executive contacts, research, production, post-production, idea
  4. Marketing, online, off line, word of mouth, campaigns, paid, organic, PR, high level contacts
  5. Interpersonal Relationships, extensive resilliance, high performance teams, getting the best from talent, executive search inte
  6. Internet, marketing, google trends, early adopter, well connected with major players and developers, across startups and innova
  7. Entertainment, working with Telstra's Digital Media Architecture Unit, across multimedia entertain platforms and content genera
  8. Communications degree in media, extensive experience, social media early adopter, campaign manager, international experience
  9. Business start-up, innovation, large corporate, thought leader, executive, high IQ & GQ
  10. Television, industry experience, involvement in three screens changes, well connected, research into trends and innovative plat

Kate Brighton's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am an out of the box-thinker, excellent at cross pollination of ideas between industry and countries.