Problem Solver

Kate Rushton

Kate Rushton

Areas Kate Rushton is Knowledgeable in:

Energy Markets / Renewable Energy / Non-Renewable Energy
Environmental Technology
Open Innovation

Techniques Kate Rushton Uses:

I use a variety of problem-solving techniques including SWOT analysis; Pareto Analysis; Value Analysis; Cause and Effect Diagrams; Check Sheets; PEST Analysis; Cost-Benefit Analysis; Flow Charts; SIPOC Diagrams; Project Network Diagrams; Use Cases; MoSCoW Analysis; Weighted Score Model; SREDIM Process Improvement; Radar Charts; PERT Analysis; Force Field Analysis; Circle of Opportunity; GoogleStorming etc.

I favour agile over waterfall

Kate Rushton's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. copywriting
  2. pitching
  3. business model
  4. modelling
  5. business model canvas
  6. analysis
  7. financial projections
  8. market intelligence
  9. market research
  10. foreign investment
  11. prototyping
  12. facilitation
  13. ideation

Kate Rushton's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have five years experience in energy markets / energy analysis and multi-sector market intelligence/analysis for consultancies.

    I have been part of a team that has won numerous hackathons and innovation challenges developing early stage apps, websites, and hardware solutions. My role is as the ideator and business person. I do the market intelligence / research (i.e., market conditions (incentives, new and proposed policy, market projections, barriers, relevant legislation, new technological advancements in the sector etc,.); budget; competitor analysis; and financial analysis), develop the business model canvas/plan; customer engagement/marketing; and produce wireframes. I also develop and prepare the final pitch.

    All of the challenges are mentioned here:

    I also have bid writing experience. I co-wrote Imagine with Orange’s winning entry for the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) Grand Prize 2016.