Kenneth Annan

Kenneth Annan

Kenneth Annan's Training:

While training as a postgraduate student, I facilitated various functions under the direction of my academic supervisor, such as performing practical demonstrations, giving instructions to learners, and assisting faculty in workshops / assessments / monitoring student progress in an effective and efficient manner. Lately, I have been fortunate to join a working group at IdeaConnection, and observed facilitation at IdeaConnection, at first hand.

Kenneth Annan's Experience:

Since graduating as a PhD, I have had the privilege of working as part of the course delivery team to provide a high quality learning experience. Perform practical demonstrations and instruction to individuals and/or groups of learners. Monitor the progress of learners and carry out competence-based assessment to standard formats. Carry out other work related assessments as required by the Institutional setup or teaching team, maintaining accurate records of the assessments. Carry out course administration and complete relevant documentation according to Institutional requirements. Assist with curriculum design and development as required by and under the direction of the faculty, and many others.

Kenneth Annan's Experience with Online Groups:

My real experience of group online facilitation, entails use of educational software such Blackboard which makes possible teaching and assessment of learners, via online interaction of students / instructor.