Khalil Taleeslami

Khalil Taleeslami

Khalil Taleeslami's Training:

Date of Birth: 09/03/1974.
I am a graduate of Architecture with a Masters Degree in Iran in 2001 and had been practically in construction during my junior and high school years. I have been teaching architecture, design, and building execution since year 2003.

Khalil Taleeslami's Experience:

Basic member of an engineering system in Hamadan province - based on architecture
Deputy Director of Educational Planning at Bu Ali Sina University
Getting Started: 2005And so far
Designing more than 500 residential-office-commercial-recreational and Landscape-interior designs
Scientific and Research History:
- First Call for Papers on Old Texture - Civil and Housing Company of Former Ministry of Housing and Urban Development - Tehran
- Acceptance of a joint paper at a foreign conference with Mr. Grossey to give a lecture at the 12th Bridges Banff Conference 2009 in Canada
- Teaching architecture courses at Hamadan Azad University from 2004 to 2010
- Teaching Architecture Courses at Bu Ali Sina School of Art and Architecture since 2006
- Capacity Assessment Researcher from Asda Abad Hamadan, along with 3 faculty members
- Three faculty members from Tuyserkan City Capacity Researchers
- Author of the book Ready to print the renovation and renovation experience of Golan Hamedan at Bu Ali Sina School of Art and Architecture - together with 4 faculty members
- Winner of the national design competition for martyrs of the Neka Sari Power Plant
- Designer of Hamedan province sacred defense museum
- Architecture patent
- Has several patents
- Introducing smart ideas to Daimler Benz Germany and negotiating for final design
- Introducing the idea of a car-mounted automatic jack to Daimler Benz Elman and negotiating for a final presentation

Khalil Taleeslami's Experience with Online Groups:

Vice President of Technology and Innovation Vice President of Technology.